11-11-11 What is your Intention for 2018

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On January 31st, the magnificent full moon will take the sky at 11 degrees in Leo, activating an incredibly rare 11-11-11 Abundance portal.

The message is loud and clear. You are co-creating with the universe and have the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires in 2018.

This is one of the most powerful lunations of the last 150 years.

On a previous blog, I shared how I was taking the time to retrieve the jewels from 2017 in order to step into 2018 without rush and into my personal abundance.

If you missed the previous post and would like to explore my process (questions) on how to close 2017 and step into 2018 with Abundance follow the link –  http://carmellpelly.com/year-abundance-2018-2/


I feel it timely as well to share how to write an Intention for 2018. Use this powerful 11-11-11 shift to create the life you desire.

“Intentions are powerful manifesting tools”

How to write an intention

  • Write a list of your goals, dreams, and desires


  • Be specific – Detail the things, people, places, and experiences you are wanting


  • Be creative -Ask for things that might seem crazy and impossible right now, but would be awesome if they actually happened.
  • Visualize and feel into each experience. You need to try and feel as if you have already manifested your desires.

Feel Abundance. Feel Loved. Feel Creatively Inspired.

  • Write your Intention down. Writing the intention as it is happening now is key. also avoid using words like    – “but”, “cant”, “not”

  • Let it go – You need to let go in order to get out of your own way.       ~Allow and trust
  • Reflect with Gratitude. Gratitude speeds up the manifesting process. It reduces negativity and gives you more energy, enthusiasm, determination, and focus


Again, 11-11-11 is an incredible and rare Abundance portal. No matter what your beliefs are, use this time to connect with yourself and your inner dreams and desires.

Let me know how I can assist you in creating your Intention or if you had any thoughts that arose while reading this post. I love to hear from everyone and I always respond within 24hours.

~ Carmell


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