5 ways to support a Sober Friend by Out Loud Recovery

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4. Have some Non-Alcoholic Options

There is a running joke and John Mulaney has the best comedy sketch on this, people seriously forget other beverages exist!!! I got so sick of people asking “What do you drink now?” which I usually respond ‘‘the blood of my enemies”. I have had dates actually check to see if there were mocktails on a menu before a date…talk about impressing a lady. If it’s a house party of course some La Croix or Bubbly is fabulous, but also there are some great NA beers I personally like the NA IPA Athletic Brewing Company line. Olipop is also a fave of mine it’s a sparkling tonic the cherry vanilla and the lemon ginger are my go-to’s. Of course, there are the usual standbys. There is also just asking if there is a particular beverage we like, promise we will be touched not offended.

I would also suggest “Indulge in Mocktails” by Carmell Pelly it’s available on amazon. This best-selling book has amazing mocktails that you could easily make and for those who drink add a lil booze but are amazing without it. With the holiday season approaching they are great recipes to add to your holiday events! The paperback version is also a very thoughtful gift.


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