Carmell is passionate about helping women step into their power by finding their voices to be seen and heard. Coming from many different experiences of Recovery, Carmell is an advocate for self-transformation and success with over 14 years of sobriety.
 A life-changing, tragic car accident, when she was 19, left her than 20month old son on life support and in a coma. By the grace of God her son awoke but not without a long journey of recovery and learning. Becoming a teen parent to a child with physical and mental disabilities was a challenge with many hardships and trials along the way.
Carmell believes strongly that life empowers you to have a breakthrough from a breakdown, so you can break an old habit.⠀
God is always pushing, pulling, and carrying you. Pushing you to find your healing, pulling you to your purpose and carrying you to your destiny. Tests and trials are necessary to reveal the best within you.