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Develop a Strong Foundation around Self-Worth

What you Believe becomes true for Yourself. When others opinions no longer affect the way you feel, life becomes easier and opportunities start to show up. You no longer waste valuable energy or time thinking about what does not support you.

This is huge because everyday society shows a million images and reasons to not feel good enough. We fall into patterns of Self-Judgment and Obsessing over details that may not apply to Your personal picture of Success. From your looks, to how you talk, act and dress can come under judgment.

“When you fall prey of someone else’s “perfection”. Walking out the door in the morning can become difficult.”

Developing my own sense of Self-Worth has been a journey that I continue to practice every day. I use to get so hurt if someone did not understand or approve of what I was doing in my life and business. I would spend countless hours being upset and focused on what was said or done instead of giving that energy to my vision or project. In the end, the other person or circumstance would win.

How I changed this and built My Strong Foundation, to become unshakeable and confident in my decisions started with Affirmations. Simply by saying to Myself :

“I love you”

And whenever the thoughts of not being good enough crept in  I would stop and say:

  “I love and accept Myself exactly the way I am”


The next thing I did to build my Foundation was to write out the Affirmation(s)  at least three times or until it felt good. There are many studies that have been done to prove the power of writing Affirmations and for myself, this was pivotal to creating Abundance.

Some wonderful Affirmations You can write for building Self-Worth :

  • I am very proud of all my accomplishments
  • I respect and love myself, therefore, everyone around me receives that energy and in turn respects and loves me
  • As I change myself, the world around me changes
  • I am in the process of making positive changes for myself


As the world changes there are so many new ways of doing things for a Woman. We can now make choices for ourselves, and to define success in meaningful ways there is no longer just one option. We can choose to be a Corporate Mogul, stay at home mom or a stay at home Mom and work from home.

Women no longer have to choose family or work. There is no WRONG way. Women who are now learning to balance their responsibilities and also learning to be self-reliant are experiencing the freedom and Abundance that comes from being able to contribute financially to the family.

Through a willingness to be vulnerable, Women bring Strength, Love, and Nurturance to the world. As a result, Women are rising up with more Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Worth.

It takes a lot of courage to step out and do things differently. There are many challenges along the way to learning how to balance everything.

This is Why developing a daily Self-Love practice will ensure Success and Abundance.

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