Freedom from Addiction

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Being sober and recovering from any type of addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, tv, anger, a habit of always being late, an abusive relationship or any kind of self-sabotage.. be can be very lonely and isolating.

When you are all alone in those moments, what do you do with them?

Do you allow yourself to be paralyzed with fear and sabotage more?

Or do you use those moments to step into your power and listen?

Listen to what plans God, Universe, Mother Earth, spirit (whatever your higher power may be) has for you.

Rest in the knowledge that what is coming is greater than you could have ever imagined. 💜

Share with me your experiences.

Are you stuck in a behavior that keeps you isolated or in fear?

or are you experiencing freedom from an addiction or habit that did not serve you? Share with me how you were able to listen and love yourself again.


Learn more about yourself and the first steps to manifesting Abundance in your own life.

Abundance means that You are in Alignment with

Self-Worth & Self Love

Sensuality & Shame

 Health & Wellness

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