A Letter from Erika’s Mom

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From a mother of an addict…
I myself may not be an addict but I challenge you to try and love one and then see if you can look me square in the eyes and tell me that you didn’t get addicted trying to fix them … I DID!
If you’re lucky they recover, If you’re really lucky, you recover as well.                                                          SHE IS & I AM
Loving a drug addict can and will consume you’re EVERY thought. Watching their physical deterioration and emotional detachment to everything will make you feel so dreadful.
I would stand in the doorway of her bedroom and plead with her …. can you just stop “I just wanted her back.” If you watch the person you love disappear right in front of your eyes long enough, you will start to dissolve too and I DID!
Drug addiction has the largest ripple effect that I have ever witnessed.
It causes parents to outlive their children. It causes the ones they love to jail time and homelessness. It causes sisters and brothers to mourn their siblings. It causes an agonizing absence before the potential exit.
Drug addiction causes bedrooms and social media sites to become memorials. So sad we feel so helpless. Praying seems like the only thing left to do sometimes. This was my story before I found Al-anon ..My recovery program …I know that God lead me to the program through Erika, my daughter.
Addiction is an illness. People tend to label those who suffer from addiction. They call them “trash,” “junkies” or “criminals,” which is so far from the truth.  Addicts have families and aspirations.
I learned that drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if the addict comes from a loving family or a broken home. The drug will take down the addict and their loved ones to the darkest pits of hell. I have endured so much as a mom of an addict and if sharing my story will help just one person it will be worth it
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Donna-Tony Mitchell

Erika Dawn Mitchell



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