How do You Start Your Morning?

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How do you start your morning? Do you dread when the alarm goes off and press snooze as many times as you can? or do you wake naturally on your own looking forward to all that the day has to offer?.

There was a time in my life I would drag myself to the coffee machine miserable and not make eye contact with anyone until I had that first cup of sugary coffee. It took a long time to break this habit. I experienced terrible headaches for weeks, all day exhaustion and became very moody. I stuck with it for 3 years and felt very free.

Soon after giving birth to my second son, I started asking for sips from my husbands cup due to extreme exhaustion and this quickly turned into a full blown addiction once again.  I realized that going to the Extreme and suffering thru the headaches and moods with a newborn just was not an option.

So after a little research I introduced a little tea concoction that I drink before the first cup of coffee and this tea has actually limited my coffee intake!  I feel all around better waking and thru out the day.

Below are a few of the benefits :

Benefits of Lemon

Boots Energy/Increases Mood

Full of Vitamin C

Heals the Body

Detoxifies and flushes out toxins

Aids in Digestion

Helps with Weight lose

Benefits of Raw Honey

Full of Vitamins and Enzymes

Anti-viral and Anti-fungal properties

Contains powerful antioxidants

Helps ward off allergies

Stabilizes blood sugar

Boosts immune function

Benefits of Turmeric

Speeds up metabolism



Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Improves digestion

Improves skin














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