I survived ….

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When we fall in love with a substance like cocaine or alcohol, there is a sense of feeling complete and perfected. An experience of infinite power and of being “unstoppable.” Once the high is gone, however, there is no negotiation and, suddenly, significant constraints. The drug now demands enormous attention and time.⁠⠀
But…⁠⠀ There is a fire, a “high” that will burn stronger, brighter and give you that feeling/experience you seek, a sense complete wholeness and it will NEVER leave.⁠⠀
Step 2 ~ 12 Step Program⁠⠀
We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.⁠⠀
If we have negative feelings toward God, we need to look carefully at the reasoning behind our conclusions. examine them and compare them to the real truth. You may be surprised to find God is far more loving and accepting than we may have believed possible.

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