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These past few weeks closing in on 2016 has been a cleansing, emotionally and physically led by the flu, colds and a final moon time. My family and I  have had to cancel many plans and well snuggle in close and accept that this is our holiday… Together.  How appropriate I think as we leave 2016 in the energy of #9 – completion, end of a cycle and enter 2017 in the energy of #1 – new beginnings and a new cycle. The next 9 year cycle if I plant my seeds intentionally shall prove to be exciting.

So what are my intentions for 2017?  Its easy to come up with all the “stuff” I want like a new house, a specific amount of money, to travel, see and do …. the list is endless but what I have left 2016 with strongly imprinted on my soul is  that it has nothing to do with the “stuff”.  It has to do with how I Feel. I have learned this past year that leading with how I Feel at any given moment and in all decisions, I have become not only more Happy but the “stuff” showed up faster and in larger amounts of money than I could have thought possible.

When the focus has been on attaining money to allow for the experiences I wanted, it was a struggle.  My thoughts were …  If I make this much I can do this…  Or I cannot do this… because I do not have the money or own a perfect house yet …. So in the meantime I will wait, become sick and miserable. But funny thing is I have learned if you are not happy now how is it going to be any different when you get to that house or go on that trip?   I am grateful to be letting go of these learned behaviors that do not serve me or my vision for life!

So how did I start to change these  behaviors?

I started by doing less and slowing down. I let go of people pleasing activities that I was exerting energy into just to be accepted and liked. I started doing what worked for me and soon the people who aligned with my authentic self started to show up bringing a higher level of happiness.

The most important has been starting my day with Silence, Connection and Gratitude.  I have come to realize that my intention for how I start my day carries over and affects everyone around me. So why not choose to start in a peaceful happy way.

I started taking naps. This one I still have days where I feel guilty and have to fight the voice in my head that says I am lazy. But when I give in life becomes so much more enjoyable.

I work on my business only on designated days. Not every spare moment I can get, all hours of the day and night.  And guess what I get more done. Go figure.

So before my sweet little baby wakes up I am going to sit with my intentions and really feel into what it is that my soul desires to become more of who I am meant to be and create my “feelings” vision board for 2017.

If you are called to create a “feelings” vision board and want to share, email me your creations!  Or if you were apart of the 2016, 5 week Abundant Woman Program and are feeling called to be seen and supported post your visions in our private FB group!


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