Let Love Break the Silence

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“Let Love Break the Silence”

Addiction and mental health issues do not discriminate. It does not matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you have, we are all affected in some way. I just finished reading how one city has had 72,000 drug-related overdose deaths last year due to prescription drugs. #opiodcrisis

It has taken me 14 years of sobriety (tomorrow) to believe that I am worthy enough to be heard and that I do not have to hide in fear. That I do not have to tuck my past life away in a neat little box and act like it did not happen. Overcompensating with accomplishments hoping it might disappear.

✖️This does not help anyone by the way including yourself ✖️

That even if (whoever) does not approve or is embarrassed by your actions and words, to tell the truth,

“Let it Go”

🙄It doesn’t mean I have it all figured out and it’s quite possible my thoughts and feelings will try to take me down again, possibly after I press publish but … I do not have to believe them and it does get easier.

Condemning a person or their circumstances with shame, disgrace and humiliation has got to stop 

My hope for anyone out there struggling is that they do not hide or let shame overrun. That silence and isolation is what kills and keeps us sick.

Compassion and Love are what is needed most by those who are suffering.


12 Steps Kept Simple
1. I can’t
2. God Can
3. Let God
4. Look Within
5. Admit Wrongs
6. Ready Self for Change
7. Seek Gods Help
8. Become Willing
9. Make Amends
10. Daily Inventory
11. Pray and Meditate
12. Give What You Have away

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