My Gift to You

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I trust you’re having a Relaxing and Joyful Holiday

Below are questions that have been helpful for me to work through. I invite you to take out a journal, create space and really allow yourself the time to answer.

  •  What kind of year was 2018?
  • What did you do really well?
  •  What would you like to have done better?
  •  What behaviors and activities made your life better (emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, self-esteem)?
  •  Which were toxic or destructive?
  •  Who enriched your life?
  • Which relationships were depleting or harmful?
  •  What thought or thoughts played most in your mind?
  •  Describe each month of 2018 with one word or phrase.
  •  In hindsight, what could you have done differently to have felt better and lived better in 2018?

Once you have finished, take a look at what has worked and what hasn’t. Do not get hung up on the negative, choose to learn from it and let it go.

The past does not define your future. Everything you need to become who you really want to be is already inside of you.

Release what doesn’t help you.


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