Recovery Lifestyles with Isaac Miller

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Isaac Samuel Miller  is a Licensed Strength & Conditioning Fitness Trainer, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Sales Coach, Motivational Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Minister, and the podcast radio voice of Just Get Up. Isaac has a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation & Leisure Studies along with a Minor in Physical Education. Isaac has worked for himself for over 13 years and he has experience as a sales coach, sales manager, and business stratagem developer. Isaac gives speeches at various organizations as he exposes issues with the company’s processes, employees, sales, organization, and leadership. Isaac has motivated and personally trained thousands of people throughout his career as a fitness expert. Isaac inspires people around the world with his spoken word poetry and he’s known for a piece he wrote, entitled “Self-Belief”.

Isaac became an entrepreneur at 17 years of age in his desperate pursuit to escape poverty, crime and drugs. Isaac grew up throughout various impoverished neighborhoods in North Baton Rouge, LA. Isaac’s mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic when he was 7 years old, and he grew up without his father. Isaac’s mother provided the best way she knew how during his upbringing, which was through various government assisted programs. When Isaac turned 11 he was determined to provide for his mom and to escape poverty, so he set out on a journey to fight his way to success. Isaac’s determination to become successful, not only led to him defeating his overwhelming odds, but it also led to his invaluable discoveries that will inspire the world.

Isaac is the author of Just Get Up: And Manifest Your Inner Genius and he has a collaborative book entitled, Experts & Influencers: The Leadership Edition. The title of Isaac’s chapter in Experts & Influencers anthology series is, The Bridge to Becoming a Powerful Leader. Isaac’s motto is: “If you don’t believe it will happen for a certainty then why waste your time pursuing it”? Isaac believes in the impossibilities in life and that we should never place limits on our minds. Isaac lives by one of his original quotes: “Don’t let one stop in your life represent an eternity of No’s.” (Isaac Samuel Miller)

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