Step #1

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Wrapping up the Month of January and Step #1⁠⠀
“We admitted we were powerless over _ _ _ and that our lives had become unmanageable” ⁠⠀
What it was like for me:⁠⠀
Addiction was a very lonely, isolating experience. I lived in fear and the only way I knew how to numb the pain was with drugs and alcohol. Ultimately this took me to many dark places. After several geographical changes, I ended up in Edmonton and thought that this fresh start would solve my problems. I quickly found myself in familiar patterns…⁠⠀
With my “best thinking” I thought money would fix everything. I decided to head down to the police station to get a security clearance to work in the strip clubs and was arrested for a warrant that was out for my arrest.⁠⠀
YES, these can things happen! 🤷🤦‍♀️You can willingly walk into a police station oblivious and be arrested; (insanity)⁠⠀
I can see now as I look back, that this was all apart of God’s perfect plan, (Keep in mind at this time 20 years ago I had no concept of a God) ⁠⠀
And so as I sat in the police station a man came to chat with me …⁠⠀
I was committed to appearing perfect and to make him think that this was all a big mistake, but he saw me. He saw right through me and handed me a paper with a phone number on it and told me that when I was ready to get clean to call this number. ⁠⠀
This is where Step #1 started for me and as we journey over the next 11mnths through the steps I will reveal how it all unfolded!⁠⠀

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