Shout Out To Women Who Raise Babies and Businesses

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It is one of those days where I am reminded what is important and to trust that everything will happen in its own perfect timing!

I spent the weekend with my boys cuddling, playing, cooking some delicious healthy meals and attending a concert with my eldest.  Last night as I was feeling in balance with the rhythms of life and confident over today’s huge to-do list that included daily writings, editing photos, a coaching session and the start of preparations to leave for San Francisco in less than a month. I felt eager, replenished and super creative to take on today in an Abundant way!

On days that I “Create”(work) my husband takes the baby to the sitter in the morning so I can wake and take advantage of the time I have. So when he walked back in the door with the baby as I was starting my daily meditation (need to be in the right space) I was confused!  The poor little guy threw up minutes after he was dropped off and has a bit of a fever.

Now in the past, I would have become

~ Overwhelmed

~ Torn between wanting to cuddle, attend to his every little need and work

~ Panicked about losing time and money

~ Frustrated

Today I picked him up without a thought of any of the above and stuck him in the bath. Focused 100% on him until he was settled and I was able to start rescheduling.

I did not feel overwhelmed, torn or frustrated………. And trust me it took a few minutes to even recognize this and think “Who the heck am I !!??”

This journey as a working Mom from home has not been easy but I am learning to live what I truly believe:

When tapped into Your Personal Abundance Women no longer have to choose work or family.  There is no wrong way. We can have all that we Desire.

So what does it mean to live in Your Personal Abundance? Abundance means that everything You need and want will come in the perfect time. It means that all of your dreams and desires will come to fruition as long as you do not rush it.  Abundance also means that You are Enough and that You deserve to live the life that You desire.

Now … Trust Me when I Say … For Me, it is a work in Progress.!! There is allot of conditioning that needs to be untangled but every day is progress.

Below is an exercise I use and share with clients to attain Personal Abundance:

Read the statements below and feel into them. If you want to go deeper pull out a journal and write whatever comes to mind first. There is no wrong answer just get all of your thoughts out on paper.

~ You trust that everything You need and want will be provided

~ You know when to say NO

~ You trust the process and do not rush it

Recognizing where you are at and how you feel about a situation is the most powerful step to transforming your reality. Instead of ignoring your feelings and trying to push through the uncomfortable space, try relaxing into them. Understand them and then make the change necessary. It will take time and some experimenting to see what works. Have fun with it and be easy on Yourself.

You are Worth It!





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