Recovery Lifestyles with Carrie Hoffman

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Carrie Hoffmam is a traveling freelance creative, yoga teacher, and recovery advocate below is her incredible account to Recovery

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I fell in love with alcohol at age 18 because I loved the way it made me feel less introverted, more exciting, more social.  I felt like I had found the solution I had been looking for my whole life!  My drinking and recreational drug use progressed slowly and almost unnoticeably through my 20s until eventually it all kind of began to “stop working”.  I started having more negative consequences after drunk nights, my hangovers got insanely bad, and with hangovers came horrible anxiety.  So of course I kept drinking more and more to manage my hangovers and anxieties.

It all came to a horrible end one blacked out night when I was 29.  I had tried to take breaks before but after this night I knew I had to quit.  I was hopeless, depressed, an anxious mess, and trying and failing to moderate my drinking.  I dragged myself into a meeting and I’ve been sober ever since – for 2.5 years now!

Changing was the hardest but most worth-it thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Thanks to my sobriety I have real friends today, real love for myself, healthier relationships with my husband and family, and a growing knowledge of who I really am and who I want to be.  I was able to rediscover my lost dreams and passion for travel and move to Asia after one year of sobriety.  I had always loved traveling and dreamed of living overseas as a “digital nomad” entrepreneur but this dream kept getting put on hold in my addiction.  When I got sober all of a sudden things in my life started lining up to allow me to finally do it.  I think some people in my recovery community got worried and thought that I was running away from something, but really, I was running back to myself and the dream I had always had.

I was able to stay sober and expand my spirituality while working and traveling through eight countries in the last year and now I’m living my new dream as a yoga teacher running yoga and adventure retreats around the world for people in recovery.  My business is called Bigger Life Adventures and the name came from something my sponsor said to me when I first got sober — “Your life can be bigger than your biggest dreams for it.”

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