Recovery Lifestyles with Sharon Otness

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Sharon Otness, Founder and CEO of Design Your Beautiful Life, She is a certified holistic health counselor living in Seattle, WA.
With 16 years of sobriety, Sharon is also is a Yoga Instructor including Y12SR Leader, which is Yoga for Recovery.
Her holistic approach to emotional health and wellness allows her to help women of all ages meet the challenges of food, ultimate vitality, and aging gracefully in a fast-paced world. Sharon is passionate about supporting clients through depression, anxiety, recovery and life transitions so they can discover the balanced and amazing life they were meant to live, full of meaning, love and without self-deprivation or guilt.

Below is a chapter to her upcoming book “To Recovery with Love”

Recovery gets a bad rap. The connotation comes off as something bad, difficult, and usually shameful. But look at the word. “Re-cov-er-y. Noun. A return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.” In this crazy mixed-up world, who doesn’t want and aspire to that state of being? I know one thing. It has changed my life. Recovery has created a life for me that I could never have imagined, and it just keeps getting better. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time.

The first time I went into a recovery program it was mandated. I went in kicking and screaming (internally) with an attitude of, just get through this – I am different from everyone else, I don’t really need this, look how messed up they are (pointing fingers). Because I was always able to pass myself off as a good girl, a nice person, a refined woman, I got a pass. I was in an outpatient treatment program.

It stuck for a while. But of course, I slowly but surely slipped into past behavior. A little here, a sneak of it there. And of course, my husband at the time was a willing participant – unless it was more beneficial to point fingers and let me know what a horribly awful person I was for no longer being the perfect wife he fantasized about. And God knows I was never that.

If you have an addiction, you know. The larger your addiction looms, the more out of control you become, the louder that voice in your head screams, “What is wrong with you?” “What a loser you are,” “Why can’t, why won’t you stop?” “What’s it going to take?”

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