Woman of Courage, Woman of Destiny

Imagine living your life without feelings of anxiety, worry, or crippling fear. Imagine feeling confident in who you are so much so that you allow yourself to fully be seen, heard, and experienced in every area of your life as well as in your business.

Imagine feeling and being so confident that you have no fears about of being rejected, judged, or abandoned. Instead, you are free to be fully expressed in your gifts, talents, abilities, dreams, and desires. What an amazing life we would all live if we were courageous enough to move through our fears, develop unshakeable faith that leads us to continually experience our divine birthright…freedom.

Whether is speaking on a stage, or moving beyond your comfort zone, or climbing a mountain, or letting go of old beliefs, this book will empower you to make a new decision in becoming a woman of courage, a woman of destiny.

Each chapter will move you through experiences of fear, the journey of finding faith in God and one’s self, and the prize that comes from enduring to the end and finally feeling and being free enough to change the course of destiny.

Grab your favorite tea, relax, and be inspired!