Making Fear Your Friend

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What are you afraid of? How does it make you feel? Instead of letting your fear get the best of you, find out how to fully experience it, name it, get to know it and take it by the hand so it can become your friend and ally.
Everyone knows fear. It can come in an instant and throw you into chaos, yet it can also save your life. Fear is a natural response to physical danger, but it can also be self-created, such as the fear of
  •  failure
  • being out of control
  • being different
  • being lonely
  • You may fear love because you fear being rejected

This self-generated fear is found in its acronym: F.E.A.R. or False Evidence Appearing Real. It appears real, even though it is a fear of the future and is not happening now.

As long as you push away, deny or ignore fear, it will hold you captive and keep you emotionally frozen, unable to move forward.

Sooo, What can we do?

Allow fear in and make friends with it. This is no small feat! Fear is a powerful emotion that demands understanding and patience. But trying to block it will simply create further anxiety.

The next time fear arises try this simple breathing exercise

Fear comes—you breathe and let go.

Fear comes—you see how the mind needs reassurance and tenderness.

Fear comes—replace it with love.

When you do this, you are inviting the fearful and anxious parts of yourself to get to know each other, even to sit down for a cup of tea together.!


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